Wave Festival — PR
Loducca for Neymar Jr. - Somos Todos Macacos
Wave Festival — Green Wave
Loducca for Neymar Jr. - Somos Todos Macacos
D&D Awards — Digital
Loducca for Neymar Jr. - Somos Todos Macacos
Cannes Lion — Film Craft
AlmapBBDO for Global Comission On Drugs - Drugo
Profissionais do Ano — Mercado
AlmapBBDO for Oi - Poder, Poder, Pode
Ciclope Festival — Stop Motion
AlmapBBDO for Global Comission On Drugs - Drugo
El Ojo — Melhor Produção Geral
AlmapBBDO for Visa - Batalha


Raw Audio – Music and sound effects for advertising, web, vr, games and films.

Music composition and production – We count on one the most awarded teams of music composers and producerts in the house, to create special soundtracks for advertising, tv series, films and virtual reality videos.

Virtual Reality – Our virtual reality special unit with its highly specialized crew, posesses the best hardware and software required in order to create the most precise sound design and the best soundtrack for your vr experience.

Creative music hunting –  We’re after the perfect soundtrack for your film. Either it’s a well know music, or a song from a new band about to be discovere, maybe a lost treasure of the past, we dig deep enough to find it for you!

New Voices – We are always searching for new voices, singers, actors and talented people ready to add personality to your ads, films, radio spots or tv series.

Sonic Branding and sound intelligence – Sound is a very powerfull weapon when it comes to defining a company and setting its tone in the market. We have the right people, with strong musical and advertising skills to think about the most suitable brand’s audio logos, music styles you should or not incorporate, even the best concerts and artists to be associated with by your company to strenghten your brand value and identity.


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